Best lands for DesertRun, of cause deserts.

Universal Terrain Adaptability in E/W andN/S directions

For land with 8% slope in E/W direction and15% in N/S direction, our DesertRun

no need civil work

no need adjustment for post heights

no need design different length for posts 

Cleaning Robot walks miles continuously

Adjascent DesertRun trackers joint thetorque tubes at the ends by sharing the same post. What means tens or hundredstorque tubes in different trackers could be joint together in N/S direction toshare one single cleaning robots

Fast install design

Fast and flexible install clamps. The clamps need only 2bolts to complete one module installation. It is the second fastestinstallation records in the industry. No alignment, no jigs required. Theclamps could be preassembled before the torque tube installed onto the postsand after the install which is very flexible in case some mistakes happed.



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