Short torque tube, no risk of torsionalvibration

We don’t trust this:

Think about the collapse of Tacoma bridgeand numerous failures on long torque tube solar trackers due to resonance.

We just don’t believe:

Does the damper absorbs sufficient energy?

Does the damper lasts long?



So we use short torque tubes, shorter than30M for single row portrait and 13M for double row portrait, or naturalfrequency in torsional direction higher than 2 HZ/ 1.8HZ.

FomulaRun Tracking System is powered byPlanet Push Pull Mechnism, which is an breakthrough international patenteddrive system innovated by Runsol. Planet Push Pull Mechanism (PPPM) providesthe perfect solution for major Industry pain points such as heavy slewing gearinstallation, high foundation for drive system, shadows to the adjacent PVmodules etc. Furthermore, the cost is effectively lower than traditionalSlewing Drives. In plus, FormulaRun equips newly developed PV Module fixedstructure for faster installation, smaller module gaps and therefore lower EPCcosts.

Key point of PPPM is that Arched Rack fixed onto theConnection Rod works with the Parallelogram Planar four-bar linkage mechanismto make sure the Driving Gear meshes with the Arched Rack perfectly and theArched Rack orbits the Drive Gear just like planet tracks the sun with circularorbit.

Fast install design

Fast and flexible install clamps. The clamps need only 2bolts to complete one module installation. It is the second fastestinstallation records in the industry. No alignment, no jigs required. Theclamps could be preassembled before the torque tube installed onto the postsand after the install which is very flexible in case some mistakes happed.


SolarTrackers for:

Parking Lots

Farming Lands

Fishing Ponds

Grazing Lawns

And more…

With all advantages of FormulaRun but more:

Less Posts

High Clearances



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